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YUNGBLUD, Games We Play and The Regrettes at The Stone Pony Summer Stage, Asbury Park, NJ 07-15-23

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

YUNGBLUD, The World Tour, stopped at the Stone Pony Summer Stage on July, 15 2023. He brought with him Games We Play and The Regrettes. This was one of the most fun-filled energetic concerts I have been to in a long time. I stood in line with some great fans waiting to get in. Everyone was worried that the weather wouldn’t hold out for the show since we all drove through flooding rain to get there but it did. It was a hot and steamy night on the beach filled with singing, dancing and great memories for all.

Games We Play opened the night with an extremely energetic set. Their fearless leader Emmyn Calleiro commanded the stage with his vocals, stage presence and full of life attitude. He proclaimed that it was their first show in NJ and I am hoping it was not their last. The band is very solid and definitely on the rise.

The Regrettes were another visual and sonic delight. Front woman Lydia Night was an absolute ball of fire. They opened their set with a song called “Dress Up”. It was an eclectic hybrid of The Go-Go’s, The Bangles and Blondie all in one. The Regrettes are a prime example of why everyone should show up early to see the opening bands. You will almost always be surprised and find something new to you that is awesome. Make sure you put this band on you party playlist, you will not “Regrette” it.

YUNGBLUD, I cannot possibly say enough about his performance. From the first second he stepped on stage, to the last, he was an absolute ping pong ball. He ran, he jumped, he sang, he led a revival. HIs fans in attendance were all die hards, I am not sure there is such a thing as a casual YUNGBLUD fan. He opened the night with “21st Century Liability", I am not sure that his feet touched the ground the entire song. His second song was “The Funeral” which is a personal favorite. He tried his hardest to stand still at the mic stand but that lasted about 5 seconds before he started swinging it around. The audience gave back every bit of energy that he exuded from the stage. The front row was filled with banners, signs and women professing their love. “Tissues” rounded out the opening of the set where YUNGBLUD strapped on his acoustic guitar and performed moves that would have made Elvis jealous.

YUNGBLUD continued his frenzied performance for the remainder of the night. He jumped into the pit during “Fleabag” to hug his adoring fans that were up front. I saw some fan footage and they were absolutely overwhelmed with emotion. I absolutely adore when artists get up close and personal with their fans, they are making a once in a lifetime moment that they will never forget.

YUNGBLUD wrapped up the night with his hits “Lowlife” and “Loner”. So many fans at this point were on the shoulders of others high in the air. Security had their hands full trying to tell all of them to get down. Everyone else’s hands were in the air swaying back and forth, it was incredible sight. During “Loner” he brought some fans on stage to rock out with him to close out the show. This was an epic end to an epic musical event.

YUNGBLUD is a must see concert. The music, the energy, the amazing fans all made this night amazing. I am so happy the weather held out for everyone.


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