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Incubus, Sublime with Rome and The Aquadolls @Freedom Mortgage Pavilion Review

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

By: Tara Lakatos

Incubus, Sublime with Rome and the Aquadolls recreated a 1960s inspired night of music, dancing and marijuana smoking at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion in Camden, NJ on August 5, 2022.

The Aquadolls opened the night around 7:20 PM. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never listened to their music prior to them hitting the stage. If Hole and The Go-Go’s had a baby The Aquadolls would be the spawn. They were poppy, grungy, with a bit of sound from 1960’s groups like The Supremes. They played 7 songs over a half an hour, 6 originals and a cover of Vacation by The Go-Go’s. If you are looking for something fun and different to listen to I would recommend checking them out.

Sublime with Rome played an 11 song, 45 minute set. They played 7 original Sublime songs, 2 Sublime with Rome songs and 2 covers, The Toyes Smoking Two Joints and Fishbone's Shankin' to the Beat. They hit all of their radio classics including Wrong Way, What I Got, Badfish and closed out the night with Santeria. Their classic reggae and ska inspired sound has stood the test of time. The songs are still fresh and the audience adored every minute of their set, they danced and sang in the blistering heat and humidity without a care. Rome Ramirez also looked like he was having the time of his life, he smiled almost the whole set while singing his heart out.

Incubus, last but definitely not least. I’ve been a fan since they hit the scene in the 90’s. They were in the high time of the grunge explosion but they were different. Brandon Boyd’s vocals were always so smooth and soothing and still are. Incubus opened the night with Nice to Know You. His performance was high energy, yet transcendent. The band was super tight as usual. It’s nice to see a band that’s been performing for nearly 30 years still jiving together and still enjoying their time on stage. Their performance of Wish You Were Here was a personal favorite of the night. The crowd also went nuts, there was a huge cheer after the first note. The performance had amazing backing vocals and featured a lot of DJ scratch which is something you don’t hear very often anymore. It was very reminiscent. Another personal favorite was Megalomaniac which was halfway through their set. The guitar riff in this song is just so good, it never fails to get my heart racing. They closed their night with Drive. This is their biggest radio hit and definitely the fan favorite. Every visible person was singing along the entire song. This closed out an incredible set by a timeless band. This night was hot, wet and unforgettable for anyone in attendance. Please get out and see this tour if it comes your way, it’s heading to the midwest and west through September 3rd.


The Aquadolls

  1. Mine

  2. Our Love Will Always Remain

  3. Beachy

  4. Vacation (Go-Go's Cover)

  5. Sneaky

  6. Take Me Away

  7. Wander

Sublime with Rome

  1. April 29, 1992 (Miami)

  2. Smoke Two Joints (The Toyes Cover)

  3. Doin' Time

  4. Wrong Way

  5. Whereever You Go

  6. Pawn Shop

  7. Blackout

  8. Shankin' to the Beat (Fishbone Cover)

  9. What I Got

  10. Badfish

  11. Santeria


  1. Nice to Know You

  2. Circles

  3. Wish You Were Here

  4. Anna Molly

  5. Just a Phase

  6. Are You In

  7. Sick Sad Little World

  8. Stellar

  9. Megalomaniac

  10. Echo

  11. Mexico

  12. Pardon Me

  13. Karma, Come Back

  14. It Ain't Over, 'Til it's Over (Lenny Kravitz Cover)

  15. Vitamin

  16. The Warmth

  17. Dig

  18. Warning

  19. Drive


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