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We Came As Romans Lit Up the Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville, TN

On November 19th, We Came As Romans wrapped up their Darkbloom II Tour at Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville, TN. Opening for them were Archetypes Collide, Bodysnatcher and Emmure. It may have been the last day of tour, but the energy level from all the bands as well as the crowd was incredible. From crowd surfers to mosh pits, the crowd was moving the whole night. We Came as Romans family members, including grandparents, parents, and spouses, celebrated the end by crowd surfing too! There were shinanigans galore when several of the team came on stage to protest with signs that said no merch and crew on strike! In true fashion, We Came as Romans put on an incredible show that I’m glad I was able to participate in!

Archetypes Collide



We Came As Romans


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