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The Dead Deads Abduction 2023 with Support by Mia Morris. With special guests Lzzy Hale & Joe Hottinger, Jonathan Jircitano and Tripper Ryder at the Basement, Nashville, TN

It was a wonderful night of music and charity. The Dead Deads Abduction 2023 at the Basement Nashville was a free show for their fans, all that was asked was to bring a warm item such as a coat, hat or blanket for Nashville's unhoused community. Cash donations were also given. By the end of the evening the bands Dead Corp filled the bed of a pickup truck and provided several hundred dollars in donations.

The night of entertainment was opened up by a one woman phenom Mia Morris. She uses a looper to play all of the songs instruments by herself. She has also filled in as The Dead Deads touring bassist on several occasions and did join them for a song during their set.

The Dead Deads played a long list of their fan favorites and had several touring members guest during the set. Guitarist Jonathan Jircitano and bassist Tripper Ryder provided instrumentals on Santa Beamed Us Up and Mia Morris played bass on Push Me. Halestorm members Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger hit the stage for a couple of acoustic collaborations. Meta Dead and Lzzy sang Halestorm's song Terrible Things and then they switched gears and sang The Dead Deads haunting ballad Dead Inside. Both songs featured Joe Hottinger on guitar.

After their set it was time to let loose with their fans and enjoy some karaoke provided by Vela Dead. Even Lzzy Hale got on stage with a fan named John Jones to perform Bad Romance. This was actually the second time they've done this, the first time was on the same date in 2017 after another Dead Deads show. It's always a fun time in Nashville, you never know what will happen.

Thank you to the Dead Deads, the Dead Corp, The Basement Nashville and all of the nights collaborators for raising much needed donations for the local community. 'Til next time.

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Excellent review and pics!


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The best Abduction I've attended, and I've been at many of them. 👽

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