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Ministry with Gary Numan and Front Line Assembly for a Night of Industrial Metal at Wind Creek Events Center, Bethlehem, PA

Ministry, the God Father of Industrial Metal, has been rocking our world for over 40 years. They are out on the road with two other longstanding industrial artists, Front Line Assembly, from Canada and Gary Numan from England. This concert was an incredible journey through time.

Starting off the night was Front Line Assembly headed by Bill Leeb whom is a founding member of the band. They had a very energetic performance showcasing their blend of industrial. electronic and metal sounds. Their stage was mostly bathed in deep blue lighting that led to stunning visuals. They performed 7 songs off of 5 of their albums, most notably, "I.E.D.", "Killing Grounds" and "Millenium".

Next up was actually my favorite set of the night. Gary Numan's performance actually left me speechless. He played nearly a full set featuring 12 songs off of 6 of his amazing albums. If you grew up through the late 70's and early 80's you would recognize his sound immediately. The song "Cars" which he played midway through was an anthem of that time. The synth sounds and riff are legendary. Gary entertained the crowd with his high energy and amazing vocals. His running about the stage and audience engagement made him a great entertainer.

Last but not least Ministry. The band has been led by lead singer Al Jourgensen since 1981while the lineup has changed over the years he's remained the constant driving force in the band. They played a 14-song set with 5 songs being off of their newest release. HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES. They opened the show with B.D.E. from this album. This track is heavy both musically and lyrically. It's about woman's rights, toxic men, and shitty politics. That kind of sums up the last few years in 3 minutes. Other highlights of the night were "Goddamn White Trash", "Broken System" and "Thieves". They closed the night with "Ricky's Hand", which, Gary Numan joined them on. It was a very solid night of non typical metal. The fans, young and old, both enjoyed themselves the entire performance.


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