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Disturbed with Breaking Benjamin and Jinjer Set Fire to Freedom Mortgage Pavilion

In an explosive collision of musical prowess and raw energy, the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey, transformed into a haven for rock and metal enthusiasts as Jinjer, Breaking Benjamin, and Disturbed took center stage for an electrifying concert experience that defied expectations.

The night began with Jinjer's dynamic and genre-defying performance. The Ukrainian metal band led by the powerhouse vocalist Tatiana Shmaylyuk commanded the stage with a blend of progressive metal and fierce energy. From the hypnotic rhythms to the intricate guitar work, Jinjer's musicianship was on full display, drawing the crowd into their sonic world. Tatiana's ability to effortlessly switch between guttural growls and soulful melodies was a testament to her vocal prowess, leaving the audience in awe. Tracks like "Call Me a Symbol" and "As I Boil Ice" showcased Jinjer's ability to seamlessly merge heavy intensity with melodic beauty, setting the tone for an unforgettable evening.

Breaking Benjamin's entrance was met with a surge of excitement from the crowd. The band's seamless fusion of hard-hitting riffs and emotionally charged melodies resonated deeply, evoking nostalgia and a renewed energy. Frontman Benjamin Burnley's emotive vocals captivated the audience as they sang along to hits like "I Will Not Bow" and "So Cold." While his vocals were spot on his stage presence has become quite odd. I've seen this band many times and it seems with each show Ben becomes more elusive. On this night he was boxed in and virtually hidden behind mounds of stage equipment encasing himself. The rest of the band's chemistry and stage presence were undeniable, creating an intimate connection with fans as they delivered a powerful set that spanned their catalog.

As the sun set in Camden, Disturbed emerged on stage to cheers and fists in the air. The anticipation for their performance was bursting at the seems, and they wasted no time launching into a thunderous set. Disturbed's explosive blend of hard rock and metal anthems reverberated through the pavilion, commanding attention and igniting the crowd's energy both literally and figuratively. The amount of pyro that they had was face melting. Anyone within the first section were in the wake of the intense heat. Lead vocalist David Draiman's distinctive voice carried a commanding presence as the band delivered iconic tracks like "Stupify" and "Down with the Sickness." The band's visuals, including mesmerizing light displays and a captivating stage setup, added an extra layer of intensity to their performance.

Throughout the night, the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion transformed into a sea of headbangers, mosh pits, and fans singing along at the top of their lungs. The shared energy between the bands and the audience created an atmosphere of unity, where the boundaries between the stage and the crowd blurred.

As the final song pumped through the venue so did the sprinkler system. Ironically enough the bands final song of the night was "Into the Fire". The pyro on the stage was so intense it set off the stages fire suppression system. The band didn't even skip and beat and played through the "rain". The cheers and applause that echoed through the pavilion were a testament to the powerhouse performances delivered by Jinjer, Breaking Benjamin, and Disturbed.

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Sep 24, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I‘ve always been curious about Jinjer and your review has convinced me I need to see them live. I feel like BB has gotten better live over the years, but it seem strange Ben would choose that setup, so to speak. Disturbed has always been one of my favorites to see live and I’m bummed I’m missing this tour. Love that you captured the infamous Dan Donegan jump! 😊

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