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The Plain White T's at Nashville's Exit/In

The Plain White T's, a rock band from Lombard, Illinois, headlined at Nashville, Tennessee's

Exit/In with support from local band Sierra Annie and pop punk band Pollyanna from New

Jersey. With energetic performances from all three bands, the entire night was one of

excitement as the crowd danced and sang along to some of their favorite songs.

The band opened their 21 song set list with "Our Time Now," to which the crowd responded with loud cheers. While the crowd had certainly enjoyed both opening bands, it was clear how thrilled they were for The Plain White T's. They seemed to know every lyric to every song, and no matter which song came next, they shouted their approval to the opening chords.

All of the band members were a delight to watch as they performed their music. Guitarist

Timothy Howls was especially dynamic as he actively moved about the stage. All of his facial

expressions were animated, which added even more motivation for the crowd members to

dance and jump in response. It was clear just from watching the band that they were having a

great time. They were all smiles and laughs as they conversed with the crowd between songs.

In fact, when a member of the audience shouted for them to play "Hey There, Delilah," early into the set, Tom Higgenson exclaimed, "They're already asking for Delilah?”

With a mix of acoustic and electric guitars, The Plain White T's showcased their talent by

conveying their different sounds as a band. Their backup vocals added some fantastic

harmonies to the songs, which only strengthened the main vocals.

At one point, Tom Higgenson expressed how great of a show it had been, stating, "All in all, a

pretty kickass night, right Nashville?" The crowd roared in response, and the sound only got

louder when the band played their second to last song, the iconic "Hey There, Delilah."

All three bands put on great shows, and I had a fantastic time attending.


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