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Incubus with Badflower and Paris Jackson at the Stone Pony Summer Stage, Asbury Park, NJ

Paris Jackson was born into the limelight. Her family is probably the most famous musical family of all time, yet she is quietly carving her own path, on her own terms. Her songs have an indie rock flare with singer song-writer influence. She's not flashy, she's soft spoken and humble. She performed for 30 minutes, a mix of covers and original material. Paris and her band perform "Hit Your Knees" which had not yet been officially released, it's grungy and catchy. She also performed a cool cover of Blind Melon's, "No Rain". It was an enjoyable performance that fit well with Incubus's fans.

Badflower provided direct support for Incubus and were a stark contrast between them and Paris Jackson. Singer and rhythm guitarist Josh Katz has a bit of a bad boy image. His performance was on brand for him with his giant energy, smirky cute boy smile, and heart felt vocals. Guitarist, Joey Morrow and bassist, Alex Espiritu, provided massive energy. They both jumped, spun and engaged the crowd. Drummer, Anthony Sonetti, was all smiles from behind his kit, the setting sun was a perfect backdrop for him. They played 8 songs including "Don't Hate Me", "The Jester", and "30". Although they brought a different sound and energy to the stage then the other bands the crowd enjoyed their set and I personally cannot wait to see them again.

Incubus took the stage at The Stone Pony Summer Stage in Asbury Park, New Jersey, on August 8, 2023, delivering a concert that left the crowd buzzing with energy and nostalgia. The iconic venue's summer stage provided an ocean front setting that allowed fans to connect with the band on a personal level.

From Brandon Boyd's very first note, Incubus captured the audience's attention with their signature blend of rock, alternative, and funk sounds. The setlist was a carefully curated journey through their discography, featuring beloved hits like "Drive," "Wish You Were Here," and "Anna Molly," which had the crowd singing along with fervor.

Frontman Brandon Boyd's stage presence was captivating, as he effortlessly commanded the crowd's attention with his dynamic vocals and charismatic demeanor. The band's chemistry was palpable, showcasing their years of experience performing together. Guitarist Mike Einziger's intricate riffs and solos added an extra layer of excitement to each song, while the rhythm section, comprised of touring bassist Nicole Row and drummer José Pasillas, kept the grooves tight and infectious. DJ and keyboardist, Chris Kilmore, kept the distinctive elements of of Incubus's sound going all night long.

The highlight of the night came during their performance of "Pardon Me," which ignited a sea of swaying bodies and raised hands. The emotional resonance of the song was amplified in the live setting, creating a memorable moment of unity between the band and their fans.

The Stone Pony's atmosphere allowed concertgoers to feel like they were part of something special, a sentiment that was undoubtedly reciprocated by the band. As the night drew to a close, Incubus left the stage to a chorus of cheers and applause, leaving the audience craving more.

In the end, Incubus delivered a concert experience that was both nostalgic and invigorating. Their music, a perfect blend of introspection and energy, served as a reminder of why they remain a cherished favorite in the alternative rock scene. The night at The Stone Pony was a testament to Incubus's enduring appeal and their ability to create an unforgettable live performance.


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