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Hail The Sun with Intervals: House of Blues, Orlando, FL

Hail the Sun and Intervals on their 2024 Spring US co-headline tour with supporting bands Makari and Body Thief continue their trip across the states and venture to the House of Blues in Orlando Florida. They spent the day before Easter getting ready to put on a show for the rowdy, energetic, and passionate fans that were eager to get the night going. From the gun you could feel the energy the crowd brought to this show with it being one of the loudest crowds I’ve heard at a show, moshing to the change over music between sets all night long, and the praise from the bands the crowd received all night long.

Starting off the night was the first band on stage, Body Thief. Prior to this show I hadn’t heard anything from Body Thief but I definitely left their set as a fan after seeing the energy the band and especially the vocalist brought while sounding great and really fitting well into the tour bill. 

Following Body Thief was hometown band Makari with vocalist Andy Cizek also of Monuments. Makari performed a handful of songs off of their new 2024 album “Wave Machine” and continued on the energy that Body Thief brought having control of the crowd in their hands with the incredible stage presence the band had. Andy Cizek who’s known for his incredible singing and vocal talent did not disappoint live as the crowd was wowed by how amazing he sounded and the rest of the band not falling behind but also playing and sounding incredible.

Slotting third on the bill was instrumental band and co-headliner Intervals. Originally I was confused by the announcement of an Intervals x Hail the Sun co-headline tour as the bands do have their significant differences in genre and sound but by no means am I complaining as Intervals put together one of the tightest sounding sets I have ever had the pleasure to hear live. Aliens is the term I keep defaulting to when describing Intervals as they sounded perfect live while also bringing an incredibly high amount of energy that really had the crowd and pit moving to the point the band kept praising the crowd and said after the show “Orlando was by far and away the greatest INTRVLS headline show in our career as a touring band” on the bands instagram page. Intervals played a wide range of songs from old stuff like “Still Winning” off of their first EP “The Space Between” to their latest single “mnemonic” and even an unreleased song. Certainly a set I could never forget.

Finally, headlining and closing out the night is a band I’ve personally wanted to see for a decent minute now and missed the last two times they came through Florida, Hail the Sun. From the second the band walked onto the stage you could feel the energy and hear the crowd erupt. The wait and urge to see Hail the Sun was completely worth it as they put on one of my favorite concert sets I’ve been to and ranking near the top of sets I’ve seen so far this year. Playing several songs off of their 2023 album “Divine Inner Tension” which I praised last year for how good I thought the album was and putting it near the top of my list for albums released in 2023, as well as playing songs from earlier in their discography such as songs off of “New Age Filth”, “Wake”, and others, but of course they also performed their newest 2024 single “Secondary Worship”. Vocalist Donovan Melero not only sounded phenomenal singing but also being a drummer in the band played the drums while singing for two songs in the middle of the set showing how insanely talented he is. Although I wasn’t expecting it I was proved wrong by the crowd being as rowdy and insane as they were all night long just adding even more to this already incredible show. Hail the sun is an absolute can’t miss live band and I really hope I get to see them again soon.


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