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Gaslight Anthem Ignited The Wind Creek Event Center in Bethlehem, PA 05-25-2023

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Gaslight Anthem ignited The Wind Creek Events Center on May 25, 2023. They brought with them solo artist Emily Wolfe and Oso Oso. The house was completely packed full of eager fans that were excited for Gaslight Anthem to be back in action.

Emily Wolfe performed solo without a backing band. Armed with just her voice and guitar she entranced the audience. She’s rock and a little bluesy. Two songs in and the audience was yelling how much they loved her. She played for 30 minutes and warmed up the crowd nicely.

Oso Oso performed in the direct support slot. They are a rock band for Long Beach, NY and are out supporting their 2022 release Sore Thumb. They played a mix of songs old and new over a 45 minute set. The best way for me to describe this band is college radio rock. They are definitely a band that I would have listened to in a coffee house back in 1999. They kept the audience bouncing along and were well received by Gaslight Anthem’s fans.

Gaslight Anthem have had an up and down career since 2006. They rode some amazing highs through 2015, broke up, reappeared briefly in 2018 then disbanded again. In the spring of 2022 they announced that they were reuniting and writing a new album. They played a couple of killer covers, originals covering their entire career and brought our Emily Wolfe at the end to help out.

They opened with “The Queen of Lower Chelsea”, “45”, and “Old White Lincoln”. The nearly sold out crowd sang at the top of their lungs and screamed their way through the songs. The front row rail riders jumped along with their hands in the air. I know that excitement from seeing my favorite bands. The band definitely dusted off any cobwebs they might of had from their hiatus. The band was super tight and lead singer Brian Fallon sounded fantastic.

Mid set Gaslight Anthem covered Mother Love Bone’s, “Chloe Dancer”, and Alice in Chains, “Would”. “Chloe Dancer” was super haunting and a dramatic turn in the mood of the set. Alternatively, “Would”, was heavy, and filled with raspy vocals.

They saved their biggest hit for last “The ’59 Sound”, bringing out Emily Wolfe to perform it with them and she preformed a gritty, chunky guitar solo. The crowd absolutely lost their damn minds. Everyone was singing, dancing and clapping along with the beat. This band was truly missed by all of their fans. I haven’t seen this much happiness at a show in a long time. It was a great night had by all.


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