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Feeder Took Cambridge Junction by Storm!

Feeder, the iconic British rock band led by original members Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose, took Cambridge Junction by storm on the inaugural night of their highly anticipated 2024 UK tour. With their trademark electrifying energy, and a repertoire spanning over two decades, Feeder treated the audience to a night of nostalgia, interspersed with glimpses of their forthcoming album “Black / Red”.

Stepping into the darkness, the band opened with the atmospheric "Elf". Feeder wasted no time in setting the tone for what would be an unforgettable journey through their musical evolution. Popular hit "Kyoto" followed, leading into to the anthemic chorus of "Feeling A Moment." The band effortlessly transported the crowd through hits old and new.

As the setlist unfolded, it became evident that Feeder's music has not only endured but also evolved, as showcased by tracks like "The Healing" and new track "Lost In The Wilderness," which seamlessly blend their signature sound with fresh nuances. The raw emotion of "Fear of Flying" and the introspective "Just the Way I'm Feeling", a song reflecting on feelings of grief having lost their drummer Jon Lee, resonated deeply, capturing the essence of Feeder's songwriting prowess.

Fans of Feeder should look forward to the upcoming album “Black / Red”. The new tracks played over the evening had that classic Feeder sound, whilst keeping it fresh. Grant took a moment to push the album, encouraging pre-orders, whilst also joking “Who even buys albums anymore?”.

We do, Grant. We do.

The pulsating rhythm of their upcoming single "Hey You", an 80’s inspired track, flowed into the live debut of the fiery "Playing With Fire", igniting the crowd into a frenzy. Classics like "Tangerine" and "Insomnia" showcased Feeder's ability to captivate with hit after hit.

“High” and “My Perfect Day” brought the main set to a close, but the audience was energetic and still hungry for more. Feeder returned for an encore including another live debut -  "Soldiers of Love" then jumping into their breakout hit "Buck Rogers" and the anthemic finale of "Just A Day". The chorus’ of each sung out loud by this loyal cloud, bringing the night to a triumphant close.

Throughout the performance, Nicholas and Hirose commanded the stage with a magnetic presence, their musical chemistry palpable as they effortlessly navigated through each song with precision and passion. Backed by a tight-knit ensemble, Feeder delivered a top-notch performance that was equal parts nostalgic and expanding their legend with tracks anew.

As the lights dimmed and the echoes of the final chords lingered in the air, it was clear that Feeder's performance at Cambridge Junction wasn't just a concert—it was a celebration of music. In times that we see the cost-of-living rise and the gloom around the world, it was wonderful to step back with their hits and take solace in the sense of nostalgia they emote. The new music was equally encouraging, showing that we can still take the feelings of excitement and safety from the past, and make them into something new today.

Grant and Taka appear to have delivered this in bucketloads both live and on this upcoming album, giving the feeling of reuniting with old friends and finding a way forwards, united by these sounds.




The Healing

Sleeping Dogs

Feeling A Momen

tLost In The Wilderness

Fear of Flying

Just The Way I'm Feeling

The Knock

Hey You

Playing With Fire




My Perfect Day


Soldiers of Love

Buck Rogers

Just A Day


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