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Dark Divine at Marathon Music Works!

On May 18th, 2024, hard rock band Dark Divine from Orlando, Florida played Marathon Music Works in Nashville, Tennessee in support of the Bleeders tour, headlined by Black Veil Brides. I've had the opportunity to see Dark Divine live several times now, and each show they always put on a dynamic performance that keeps the audience well engaged. 

As they made their way onto the darkly lit stage, each band member wearing black clothing and spooky makeup worthy of a horror movie, it set an ominous tone that fit the band's aesthetic perfectly. When the first chords of "Deadly Fun" began and vocalist Anthony Martinez bounded onto the stage in a fit of energy, the crowd cheered their approval and began to jump and headbang along to the beat. 

Guitarist Robby Lynch was entertaining to watch as he would lean over his guitar, staring down audience members in a manner befitting the skeleton his makeup made him appear as. Just as fun to witness was drummer Tristan Blaize as he wailed on his drums, making exaggerated facial expressions to the watching crowd. Meanwhile, bassist Cory Scissorhands was less interactive with the crowd, but his technical skill with the bass was undeniable, and that alone was capable of captivating fans. 

Dark Divine played nine songs, but it felt like a lot fewer than that, which is always a sign of an engrossing show. Their seamless blend of haunting melodies and powerful vocals managed to keep the audience's attention the whole set. And when Martinez called for the crowd to light up the room during their song, "Cold," the whole audience obliged. The venue looked like a night sky filled with dazzling stars. It was a truly beautiful moment. 

To finish their set, they played the iconic "Halloweentown" that fits their aesthetic as a band perfectly. Many in the crowd were familiar with the song too, since they sang the lyrics with Martinez at the top of their lungs. 

The whole performance was one filled with energy, just what I've come to expect from a Dark Divine show. 


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