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Average White Band, 
Royal Albert Hall, London
 Thursday 2nd May

It was an incredible evening at The Royal Albert Hall on Thursday 2nd May, when a night of popular funk and soul was on the cards for this prestigious London venue. Average White Band would be headlining the evening, with support from Kokomo.

Kokomo proved to be the perfect opening act for Average White Band, setting the stage on fire with their soulful sound and infectious energy. With an energy that has gathered since 1973, the band delivered a performance that was nothing short of spectacular. While members of the band have come and go over their five illustrious decades, Helena May's incredible vocal prowess soared effortlessly, commanding the attention of every listener in the audience and leaving them in awe of her talent. Backed by a tight-knit ensemble of musicians, Kokomo's blend of funk, R&B, and gospel had the crowd moving from the very first song, setting the tone for an unforgettable night of music.

The Hall vibrated with an electrifying energy as Average White Band took the stage for what might be their final London performance. From the very first note of "I Just Can’t Give You Up," it was evident that the band was in top form, ready to deliver a night of soulful grooves and infectious rhythms.

Launching into their setlist with precision and passion, the band effortlessly transported the audience through decades of musical mastery. Tracks like "The Jugglers" and "This World Has Music" showcased their ability to blend funk, soul, and jazz into a seamless sonic tapestry that captivated every listener in the prestigious venue.

As the night progressed, the energy only intensified, with hits like "Whatcha Gonna Do" and "A Love Of Your Own" prompting fans to rise from their seats and dance with abandon. It was a testament to the enduring appeal of Average White Band's music that even after all these years, their sound still has the power to move audiences in such a profound way.

Highlights of the evening included the soulful ballad "Person To Person" and the irresistibly funky "Cut The Cake," both of which had the crowd singing along at the top of their lungs. But perhaps the most magical moment came during "Walk On By," when the band's soulful rendition of the classic tune sent shivers down the spine of every person in the room.

As the night drew to a close, Average White Band showed no signs of slowing down, delivering a knockout encore that left the audience begging for more. "Let’s Go Round Again" and "Pick Up The Pieces" brought the house down, with fans dancing in the aisles and venue staff jostling to keep the access ways clear.

In the end, it was a night to remember—a fitting farewell to London for a band that has left an indelible mark on the world of music. Average White Band may be saying goodbye (but hopefully a long goodbye!) to the stage, but their music will live on in the hearts of fans for years to come.


I Just Can’t Give You Up

The Jugglers

This World Has Music

Whatcha Gonna Do

A Love Of Your Own

Person To Person

Work To Do

When Will U Be Mine

Walk On By

Cut The Cake


Atlantic Avenue

Put It Where You Want It


Let’s Go Round Again

Pick Up The Pieces


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