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The Deathless Tour: Set It Off with Crown the Empire and DeathbyRomy. House of Blues, Orlando, Florida

In Orlando’s Disney Springs, the anticipation was palpable inside the legendary House Of Blues. A sold-out night for the hometown heroes SET IT OFF had the crowd rowdy and ready for the night’s festivities. While waiting for the openers DeathbyRomy, the crowd became super invested in bouncing beach balls throughout the venue (this was a lot more fun than it sounded). The fun started before the show and only went higher as the night continued.

DeathbyRomy kicked off the first night of the ‘Deathless Tour.’ I had never listened to them or seen them live before, but I was incredibly impressed. The band’s stage presence was incredible and they had the crowd in the palm of their hands from start to finish. Their vocalist continuously wowed the crowd with her impressive range and natural charisma. They began their performance with their track “Vicious Bliss,” and had impressive live debuts of “City of Angels” and “2, 4, 6, 8.” Then they finished their set with their hit “Day I Die.”

Crown The Empire followed and kicked the energy to another stratosphere. These scene veterans have been hitting the stage for many years and their setlist was not lacking hits. It is truly something special when you hear the audience scream along with all the words to a song. Crown The Empire had multiple of these moments including, “Blurry (Out of Place),” “The Fallout,” as well as their closer “Makeshift Chemistry.” I have been dying to see this band for an incredibly long time and it was an amazing experience that I highly recommend.

I had previously seen SET IT OFF on a headliner tour last year and it was a pretty good time. However, this time, everything was brought up to another level. A much longer set and a more grandiose stage production were just a couple of the factors that set their performance apart. SET IT OFF’s vocalist Cody Carson commanded the attention of the entire room since the strike of the first note. 

SET IT OFF shows truly feel like grand, cinematic, experiences. The amount of effort the band and their team put into their show is easy to see and makes the night unforgettable. The band makes it better by having a slew of crowd-favorites on their setlist, including: “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing,” “The Haunting,” and a medley of NINE songs toward the end of their set. However, my favorite moment was when they performed their pivotal “Punching Bag” to close the evening.

Although one of the openers, the beloved Caskets, was unable to perform due to work visa issues, the night was far from a disappointment. DeathbyRomy adding a sheer coolness factor, Crown The Empire giving us those old metalcore anthems, and SET IT OFF’s grand spectacle makes the tour a can’t-miss event. 


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