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Starset Lands in Chicago!

Starset’s, Immersion: The Final Chapter tour made its way to Chicago’s Concord Music Hall on May 18th. This was probably the busiest, most packed I’ve ever seen Concord. The loyal fans of Starset WRAPPED AROUND THE BLOCK in the lively Logan Square neighborhood. Starset is a quartet from Columbus, Ohio led by singer Dustin Bates, with Ron Dechant on bass, Brock Richards on guitar and Adam Gilbert on drums. Also accompanying the band on tour is violinist Siobhan Richards, Zuzana Engererova on cello and Cory Juba on guitar and piano. Starset probably has one of the most unique shows I’ve ever seen. Their show is truly a cinematic experience from beginning to end from things I’ve never even seen before/knew even existed. Starting with their attire, they look like they’re straight out of a Dune movie with their futuristic, cyberpunk looking attire. On stage, featured a giant video board that displayed cut-like movie seens that played into their show and story in between songs, truly giving it a cinematic performance. Something I’ve never seen before was a wall of fan-like lights that displayed visual graphics for the audience that displayed everything from lyrics, visuals, and static information. As cool as it was, it did make shooting from the pit hazardous with how close to the edge of the stage it was and forced the photographers who attended to shoot from the crowd last minute.

Musically, Starset is a futuristic, synthesizer driven, alternative rock band and they put on a show for the sold out crowd at Concord. Featuring a monstrous 20 song setlist, they played the majority of their hits such as “Monster,” they’re new single “Brave New World,” and finished off with one of their biggest hits that first got me hooked, “My Demons.”

While Immersion: The Final Chapter tour has concluded, Starset has a couple remaining US shows this year in Columbus, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky, the band will then take off overseas for a European tour. For more information, check it out at!


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