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From Ashes to New at the Vogue Theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana

On November 28th, 2023, From Ashes to New brought their Blackout Tour to The

Vogue in Indianapolis, Indiana, with support from Ekoh, Catch Your Breath, and the

Word Alive. As soon as this tour was announced, it became one of my most anticipated

shows of the year, and for good reason. Each band put on a dynamic performance that

was impossible to look away from. The lineup of performers was one of the best and

most cohesive I've seen this year, so if you haven't had a chance to catch this tour, I

can't recommend it enough.

I've seen From Ashes to New open previously, so I was excited to see what they would

do as a headliner, and they did not disappoint! They put on an engaging performance

with an enthralling light show and an intricate stage set up. With large platforms for the

band members to maneuver on and around, and LED screens to enhance the show

with fun visuals, the whole production was one of high quality that kept the audience

immersed in the entire set. Additionally, the sound mixing was excellently done. Not

only did all of the instruments come across clearly, but both vocalists could also be

heard without any muffling, which is always an impressive feat.

From Ashes to New played a set of sixteen songs, starting with “Armageddon,” a song

off their new album, "Blackout," and closing with the iconic "Through it All." The band

was not only dedicated to giving a top-notch performance, but they also made sure to

add in moments of humor. Vocalists Matt Brandyberry and Danny Case had the most

entertaining banter throughout the show. At one point, they separated the crowd into

two sections to see which one could cheer the loudest, and what would normally be a

fun game at any other show, was turned into one of immense amusement as they tried

to get members from the opposite side to join their team instead. It was impossible not

to laugh while watching the two interact. This was just one moment out of several that

showcased the band's humorous nature, and I'm glad they included these moments,

because it made an already incredible performance feel that much more genuine.

Other great parts of the show were the small speeches Matt and Danny gave between a

few of the songs talking about their personal lives and how far the band has come. They

also made sure to thank the crowd and their fans for getting them to this point in their

careers. By doing so, they added a feeling of connection between the band and the

crowd, especially when Matt expressed how everyone is welcome at a From Ashes to

New show, and that everyone is like a family. These speeches also made it seem like

anything is possible for anyone, and combined with the inspirational themes in their

songs, it was difficult to leave the show feeling anything but encouraged.

From Ashes to New has really grown and evolved as a band, and it's so exciting to see

their hard work paying off in the success of their shows. Every moment of their

performance was engaging and filled with energy, and I'm so glad I had the chance to

see it.


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