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Flash Review: Halestorm Drops Wicked Ways Video-Fan Collective Review

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Halestorm has been dropping epic videos from their latest release Back from the Dead and Wicked Ways is no exception. I had several superfans weigh in with their thoughts on the video.

Charmaine - Halestorm's official music video of Wicked Ways is your daily dose of serotonin. Incredibly badass and beautifully executed, hands down.

Lisa G. - From that first note, to the fade out ending and everything in between..(ohhh that one part in between)... was pure orgasmic, the video itself was quite beautiful. Lzzy, Josh, Arejay and Joe looked phenomenal! This is the kinda song that could get me a speeding ticket. It also kinda makes you wanna sin, confesses, then sin again a good way.

Crystal S. - Wicked Ways, the newest video to drop from Halestorm… it’s everything you’d expect from them and then some. The feeling of anticipation watching the countdown and hanging out with the Freak Fam. The opening screeaamm will give you all the happy chills you need! It is most definitely the best way to start the day.

Alexis - Watching Halestorm’s newest music video, Wicked Ways, gave me chills from start to finish. As you’re watching this music video you begin to slowly sense that manic feeling that being a part of a church makes you feel when you’ve been there for a while. The opening line, “Sir, she’s here again.”, gives a slight insight that she’s previously been struggling with her “wicked” ways and feels the need to confront her darkness. This time, when she comes back to confess, she realizes that her wicked ways are something she won’t ever be able to change and that she doesn’t have to feel ashamed of herself. This is who she is meant to be, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

While the video is playing, you will see Lzzy Hale progressively lose her shit more and more until the candles blow out, which signifies a hold from the church being broken. As this masterpiece of a music video ends, you may be able to feel a release of your own self guilt and realize yourself, that you don’t need to change for anyone or anything, just as I did.

This video was so beautifully and mindfully created. It is definitely worth watching through a few times. The entire Halestorm Team and especially Dustin Haney (director of the music video) did such an outstanding job in bringing words on a page to life and making a visual story out of them.


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