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Flash Review: Halestorm Drops Bonus Track “Mine”

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Two days ago Halestorm began blasting their fans with cryptic text messages and a random TikTok. Teasing fans and sending them into frenzied speculation. Twitter and Instagram were filled with fan chatter for the next 24 hours. The band then confirmed that their next single would be, Mine, a bonus track from their newly announced "Back From the Dead" deluxe edition.

Halestorm tends to throw their fans for a loop with their bonus tracks and Mine is no exception. Lzzy Hale explained on her socials that the song was written 4 years ago when they finished recording "Vicious". She said the pressure was off so that they could experiment. The song has tons of throwback elements from the mid 1980s. From the synth sounds to the dance beat drums. If they make a video for this track and Molly Ringwald doesn't star in it, I'd be truly upset.

The biggest standout and truly noticeable difference on this song were Lzzy's vocals. They were all clean, there was no growl, no screams, and none of her signature grit, am I mad about it, absolutely not. I've honestly been waiting to hear this side of her. Back From the Dead showcased some of her heaviest vocals, solidifying her rightful spot in metal. But Mine flipped another switch. Without a doubt Lzzy has one of the most versatile voices in the industry, not just in rock. This song opens up a whole new world, she's always expanding and evolving. There are resonance areas and tones that I never thought I would hear her sing, the lightness has actually leveled her up more than the heaviness of the main album.

Joe Hottinger again nailed another great solo. In the years that I have known him his playing has advanced so much. He's truly underrated. I remember several years ago when they played with Eric Church, Joe threw a guitar pick at a guy next to us. He had never heard of Halestorm before and said at the end of the night Joe was going to be someone, someday. Well Joe I think you've made it.

Drummer Arejay Hale and bass player Josh Smith killed the 80's vibe. The bass is noticeably pulled back in this track compared to the last few albums but it had to be to pull off the vintage sound. I know when they play this live Josh with be playing double duty with the keys.

There are very few causal Halestorm fans. Most people love them or hate them. There seems to be no in between. Hopefully this song will win some people over and bring in some new fans that may have throught their other songs are too heavy. Break out the neon and give Mine a spin.


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