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Aerosmith: Peace Out Tour Kick Off with The Black Crowes at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA

Aerosmith kicked off their Peace Out Tour at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA on September 2, 2023. They played a 2 hour set that included the hits and as well as some obscure songs that haven't been played in years. The band played through some initial technical difficulties and caught their stride about an hour into their show. The show was energetic, nostalgic and the perfect beginning to and end of an era. The Black Crowes opened the evening with an hour long set filled with all of their hits. For a band that has had a lot of ons and offs over their career the show was amazing. The band looked and sounded stronger than ever. The tour currently runs through the beginning of 2024 so catch it while you can.

*Disclaimer- Photos are not official and were taken on a tour and venue approved point and shoot camera.


The Black Crowes


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