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Lainey Wilson Brought Her "Country's Cool Again" Tour to Camden, NJ

Lainey Wilson brought her "Country's Cool Again" tour to Camden, NJ as part of Philadelphia country radio station 92.5 XTU's Anniversary Show. She brought along two stellar, pure country artists, Zach Top and Ian Munsick, to get the night started. The evening had an iffy start as myself and others arrived to find the venue doors being held due to passing storms. Fans already inside the ampitheater were told to shelter in place until further instructions were given. The storms past and the air chilled about 30 minutes prior to the 7pm start time. Myself and everyone else outside made a quick jog to the doors to make it in for Zach Top's set.

Zach Top opened the night with a very short 20 minute set. He reminds me of a young Alan Jackson, with his coy smile, and deep country crooning. While Zach is a pretty new, up and coming artist, he commanded the stage with ease and got everyone pumped up for the evening.

Ian Munsick, the cowboy from Wyoming. Ian is the real deal; cowboy hat, western shirt, tight jeans, belt buckle and real worn in boots. While Ian is another relative newcomer releasing his first record in 2021, he's been performing since the age of 10 and went to college in Nashville for songwriting and the music business. Ian had an hour long set that had the crowd up singing , dancing, hooting and hollering. It was a feast of country music and vibes.

The woman of the hour or more like the year, Lainey Wilson, brought down the house for nearly 2 hours. Just last month I watched her clean up at the Academy of Country Music Awards. She won for Female Artist of the year, Music Event of the year for her duet with Jelly Roll on his song "Save Me" and Entertainer of the Year. Within the first 5 mintues of the show she had me hook, line and sinker. She performed her first couple of songs upon a vintage red pickup truck and nothing says country music like a pick up.

Lainey performed 17 songs during her set mixing in new, old and covers. She performed 6 songs off of her current hit album Bell Bottom Country, including "Heart Like a Truck", "Smell Like Smoke", and "Wildflowers and Wild Horses", which she closed out the night with.

Lainey Wilson's star is still rising and she will be a force within the country music scene for a lifetime. She has the musical chops, stage prescence and general likeability that will carry her career. This tour has dates across the country well into November so everyone should grab a ticket before your date sells out.

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Will definitely check out the fellas! And I agree, she’s gonna be a force in the country scene! Great review and love love love the photos

Me gusta

20 jun
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Great review and love the photos! Xo ALASKA

Me gusta
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