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Flash Review: The Warning Release Catchy New Single "More"

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

The Warning have been creeping into the scene for the past couple of years. So many friends recommended them to me that I couldn't get away from checking them out early last year. They are a young group of three sisters from Monterrey, México, Daniela (Lead Vocal, Guitar), Paulina (Drummer, Background Vocals), and Alejandra Villarreal (Bass, Background Vocals). To say that they are talented beyond their years is an understatement. I was lucky enough to catch them a few times last year while they toured with Halestorm and once at a festival. Even though they opened shows and played a small stage in a parking lot at the festival, fans showed up. They could have easily played the main stage and the seats would have been filled to capacity.

The Warning were touring on their 2022 release Error which produced the hit single "Choke". Fast forward to May 2023 and the release of their newest single "More". If this song doesn't leave you wanting more of The Warning, then nothing will. While "Choke" is a good song, "More" is a great song. The blasting thump of the bass, the Jack White inspired guitar fuzz, and the vocal harmonies make this song come alive. There has been a huge influx of women in rock and metal over the past few years and several bands are falling into the same trap that their male counter parts have, where the music, lyrics and production all sound the same. The Warning so far have managed to avoid that, "More", is one of the most original sounding songs on rock radio at the moment. The video is also pretty cool, its simple, fun and a bit nostalgic. If you haven't given The Warning a listen yet now is a great time to do so.

Official "More" Video:


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