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Flash Review: Alt-Rocker John Harvie Slows it Down with Newest Single "Beer with Jesus"

Alt-Rocker John Harvie has been carving his way through the music scene for a few years and has landed himself a few big tours. I first encountered him in 2022 while I was covering a show on the Shinedown tour. John opened the night for them and at the time, up and comer Jelly Roll who has since exploded. If the bands he's toured with are any indication of success, John will have a very long career. He was very energetic and crowd focused. His songs were catchy and packed full of rawness.

Fast forward a year and a half and John just released a new heart-wrenching single Beer with Jesus and is about to embark on the "Say it to My Face" tour with Meet Me @ the Altar. The tour kicks off January 19th in Orlando, Florida.

John Harvie's newest single Beer with Jesus was aptly released on December 25th. It's a heartfelt acoustic song that features a huge range in his vocals including his falsetto. The song is about feeling alone, hitting rock bottom and having nowhere to turn, therefore talking with Jesus over a beer. I think this song will hit home with so many. Over the last 4 years, so many people have felt some sort of isolation due to the worlds circumstances. The acoustic accompaniment is the perfect backdrop for this song, it allows the lyrics and vocals to be felt wholly.

If you are new to John Harvie's music this song is a great place to start, or if you are more into the rock and roll genre his other new single Roses, is much more on the grunge, punk side. Both are great choices to jump on the bandwagon with.

Instagram- @johnharvie

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Jan 11
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

So cool you have a review of John Harvie. Our nephew Matt Donnelly will be on tour with John playing the drums.

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