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Flash Review: Kobra Paige Unleashes Solo Single, Love What I Hate

Kobra Paige of Kobra and the Lotus just released a hot new solo single called Love What I Hate. This is Kobra's first solo effort and it's stellar. It's a little lighter musically than her songs with the Lotus but it still packs an amazing punch. It's definitely a rock track with a little bit of a mainstream feel. The song would be widely enjoyed on both rock and pop stations and playlists.

The song was co-written with Blair Daly in Nashville. Kobra explained in a recent interview that the song was written about "being completely consumed and addicted to the thought of not being enough". I feel that this theme is felt by so many these days so the lyrics will hold true to the masses.

Kobra's vocals are crisp and strong, the chorus will suck you in and possibly grant you a speeding ticket on the highway. If you are feeling overwhelmed in life or feeling like you aren't enough, give this track a spin to find some light.

The yet to be titled album will be released on April 5, 2024. The song is available for download on all of your favorite streaming platforms or listen below on Youtube.


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