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Flash Review: Kelly Clarkson Releases Next Single “Favorite Kind of High” Off of Upcoming Album

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Kelly Clarkson recently announced her upcoming album Chemistry due to be released on June 23rd. She has already released two singles, "Me" and "Mine". Today marks the release of the third single, "Favorite Kind of High".

Kelly has had a lot of ups and downs over the last few years. She has an award winning talk show and she's a coach on The Voice. While her career is flourishing her personal life crumbled with a very public divorce. She had stated that this album took a long time to get out because she had to get over all of the emotions in order to release it properly.

"Favorite Kind of High" unlike "Me" and "Mine" is a return to her roots. The first two singles are more towards Kelly's R&B side. They are full of anger and fuck you. "Favorite Kind of High" is an upbeat pop song that has the flavor of "Behind These Hazel Eyes". The lyrics are the beginning of a love story, when everything was fresh, new and full of lust. Kelly's vocals are spotless as usual. She's undoubtly one of the greatest vocalists that we will hear in our lifetime. The high notes in this song will cut right through you.

I am sure that Chemistry will take us all on the ride of a life time. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album.

Chemistry Track List

  1. skip this part

  2. mine

  3. high road

  4. me

  5. down to you

  6. chemistry

  7. favorite kind of high

  8. magic

  9. lighthouse

  10. rock hudson

  11. my mistake

  12. red flag collector

  13. i hate love (feat. Steve Martin)

  14. that’s right (feat. Sheila E.)


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