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Flash Review: Daughtry Ft. Lzzy Hale on Seperate Ways Cover

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Daughtry just dropped a red hot cover of Journey’s “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” featuring Halestorm’s, Lzzy Hale. This is one of the most iconic songs of the 1980’s and it’s still played everywhere. It’s appeared in movies, tv shows, elevators, you name it. If you haven’t heard it, you’ve been living under a rock. With that being said, if someone decides to cover it, you better nail it, or you will hear about it from the masses.

When the news of this collaboration dropped yesterday naturally I was excited, since I am a huge fan of Chris Daughtry’s voice and a super fan of Lzzy Hale. I waited until I was wide awake this morning to listen to it, I wanted to give it my full attention, and well they got it. Chris’ vocals are raw and pure, the music is true to the original but much heavier. Lzzy’s voice blends so well with his that it’s like one force coming through the speakers for the chorus. Lzzy took the second verse with her amazing clean vocals and a bit of her signature grit. There’s a bit of rock and roll and some pure metal going on as the song progresses with a killer guitar solo and increasingly heavy bass and drums. Just when you think the song was a good cover, it became great. Lzzy broke out the screams, Chris battled right back, both hitting crazy high notes, then the song was whispered out, literally leaving you hanging for more.

I’m not always crazy about covers, especially if they are made to completely mimic the original. Also they aren’t great if someone butchers the song beyond recognition. Daughtry and Lzzy Hale did this song a great justice. They kept the components of the original that worked for them and added just enough of their own flair to make it stellar. As I write this the song has already hit number 1 on several charts. Now can we all cross our fingers for a Daughtry/Halestorm tour.

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