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Charlotte Sands Rocks Chicago

Charlotte Sands “Can We Start Over Tour” invaded Chicago’s Lincoln Hall, Tuesday, March 26th. On a typical cold, windy Chicago night, the line for Charlotte was wrapped around the building hours before.


Cloe Wilder started off the night. At the young age of only 18, the talented young singer has a soft, soothing, melodic voice that put the crowd in a calming state. Her lyrics depict that of a sense of home and internal feelings that a lot of listeners can relate and feel comfortable to.

To turn things up a notch was Senses. Having this been the second time I’ve seen them live, they put on the same energetic performance from beginning to end that I was familiar with. Senses put on an amazing performance with a new song “No Fun,” as well as played current hits such as The ComedownNovocain and one of their most popular songs Sleepwalking. The band has amazing and infectious crowd interaction that you can easily vibe to even if you might not know all their songs. The self proclaimed “emo conscious, pop-rock band” lead by singer Madison Taylor, who was dealing with an illness during the show, turned the volume up to a 10 to get the fans ready for Charlotte Sands

Finally, it was Charlotte Sands turn to take the stage. Having been the first time for myself seeing her, it was easy to see why fans packed Lincoln Hall and waited hours to see her. The singer herself has such a cute, bubbly, humble personality that you can feel at home with but once she starts singing, her vocals pack a punch! Charlotte as well has an amazing, commanding stage presence that keeps the crowd engage from beginning to end, whether its one of her more powerful, fast paced songs such as Lost or whether it’s her switching up the pace to an acoustic versions of Six Feet Under, which might have been my favorite and most intimate song of the night.

Be sure to catch one of her upcoming tour dates here!


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