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Born Of Osiris and Attila Cause Mayhem On A Tuesday Night in Virginia!

Updated: Apr 29

On April 23rd, 2024- Attila and Born of Osiris performed at The Broadberry in Richmond, VA on their co-headlining “The Angels & Villains” tour with special guests; Traitors, Extortionist, and Not Enough Space! This show was filled from barricade all the way to the doors throughout the whole night!

Sacrificial Betrayal

Opening the night was; Sacrificial Betrayal! I’ve never heard of this band before, but they set the tone for the rest of the show! During their set; they threw shirts into the crowd and I actually caught one because the shirt literally came right to me. It landed right into my hand without me even moving.  They performed a song called “SlaughterHouse” and the crowd went insane! I love seeing the crowd form a mosh pit for local bands and screaming the lyrics. This band has been around for a while and released their newest EP in 2023! I hope they have more music in the works because I became a fan after that night! 

Not Enough Space

Next up with Not Enough Space from Florida! I knew of this band because one of their songs went viral on tiktok and they instantly became very popular especially having two female vocalists. Lizzie has the best cleans I’ve heard in a very long time and she captured my attention very quickly. And Liv, also a female vocalist, had some of the heaviest vocals I’ve heard a female ever do live. Their set was one of the best sets I’ve seen so far in 2024 and I can’t wait to see them again in June when they perform with Woe, Is Me! Some of my favorite songs from this band are; No Way Out, Don’t Be Scared, and Sew My Eyes! They currently have 69k Spotify listeners with No Way Out being the most popular with 2 million plays! Other members of the band are; Maurice, Tristan, and Jacob! This band deserved to be on tour with all these other amazing musicians especially for their FIRST tour! 


Next up was Extortionist! A deathcore band that formed in 2013 in Idaho and in 2014 they signed to We Are Triumphant as well as their first EP “The Black Sheep” . The band currently consists of; Ben Hoagland (Vocals) , Clayton Blue (Guitar) , Vince (Fill in drums) , Kip Treeman (Bass) , and Crimewave (Guitar). That night was the first night I’ve seen this band live. Throughout the years; I had heard about this band, but never got a chance to listen or see them live. One memory I do have of this band was back in 2015 when I first met my ex and he actually had one of their album art on his wall and I asked what type of name was this and his words were “AN AWESOME NAME” Almost 10 years later; I finally got to see them live and they didn’t disappoint. On April 25th, they released their newest single “When It All Goes Dark” and I actually have this song on repeat because it’s that good! Their top song is “Circle of Serpents” that has over 3 million spotify plays that was released in 2019 on their EP “Self Titled”.


Traitors was up next; I’ve been listening to this band for over a decade and this was my first time seeing them perform. When I tell you; I was not ready for this set; I mean it. It was so difficult to photograph because the instruments and the vocalist were on point throughout their whole set. Im not into the deathcore scene like that, but everytime I see a band like Traitors live; they always tend to change my mind instantly. They just released their newest single “Break” on April 19th, 2024 and it has almost 50k spotify listens! “Arrogance” and “Malignant” are my top favorite songs from this band! The amount of head banging and crowd surfing their set had was intense and I literally had to hide in the corner to protect myself. If you have never seen them live; I highly recommend it! And If you do; Go in the mosh pit! Trust me. You won’t regret it!


Attila formed in 2005 in Atlanta, GA and brought on a mixture of nu-metal and rap and easily became one the most popular bands and still currently is! Attila consists of; Chris Fronzak (Vocals) , Chris Linck (Lead Guitar) , Kalan Blehm (Bass) , Walter Adams (Rhythm Guitar) , and Tyler Kruckmeyer (Drums) I’ve became a fan back in 2011 when “Outlawed” was released with Light Me Up and Pay Back being my top favorite songs! I actually saw Attila last year on tour with Until I Wake and that tour was absolutely insane! I drove 10 hours to Ohio to photograph that show. It definitely was worth the long drive. Attila performed songs such as; About That Life, Moshpit, and Payback! The crowd for their set was INSANE especially the barricade cause it was 99% female dominated and one of the females caught my attention and Fronz as well because she literally rapped every single lyric to EVERY song. Watching her made my head spin because I was like “How does she have this much energy?” Props to her because she got noticed by Fronz! The pit was also very intense and as I was attempting to capture crowd shots; I couldn’t even move because the moshpit was that massive. Fronz doesn’t care about anything and he literally stated “I want everyone to f*** s*** up!” I swore this venue was not going to survive during their set.

Born of Osiris

It was time for one of my favorite bands that I believe has released banger after banger since I discovered them in 2013 when the album “Tomorrow We Die Alive” was released with Machine and Exhilarate being my top songs; Born of Osiris ! Recently; Joe Buras who was back vocals as well as the keyboardist from the very beginning departed in early March of this year. This is what Buras stated; “Dear fans and supporters, After much contemplation and soul-searching, I have made the difficult decision to resign from Born Of Osiris. This choice didn't come lightly, as being a part of this band has been an incredible journey filled with unforgettable memories and experiences. However, as life progresses, so do our personal paths and aspirations. I believe it's time for me to explore new opportunities and avenues for growth both personally and professionally. This decision was not made hastily, but rather with careful consideration and respect for the band and its future endeavors” 

At the moment the band consists of; Ronnie Canizaro (Vocals) , Cameron Losch (Drums) , Lee McKinney (Lead guitar) , and Nick Rossi (Bass) The band formed in 2003 in Palatine, Illinois and named their band after the egyptian deity Osiris and the tale of Horus. Born of Osiris released their newest single “A Mind Short Circuiting” in February of this year with almost 400k spotify plays! I feel like everytime I write about a band; I always have a core memory at Vans Warped Tour and I did see this band at Warped Tour one year; And I remember this day very clearly. I was standing in the middle of the crowd near the barricade and this was the first time I almost got knocked out during a moshpit. I was very young at the time; so I bounced back up and continued to rock out with the rest of the crowd.

What a crazy night filled with constant mosh pits and crowd surfing on a TUESDAY night! I love this scene so much because everyone will stay out till 12am to come out and support a show and then go to work hours later! And I actually saw some friends that night as well, so the 5 hour drive was worth it! 


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