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Flash Review: P!NK Drops New Single- Irrelevant

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Let’s talk about P!nk. She’s been loud and outspoken since she hit the music scene over 20 years ago. She will never back down from controversy or be told to sit down and shut up. When Roe v. Wade was struck down in true P!nk fashion she took her socials and spoke out for what she believed in. This led to backlash and trolls being trolls. She was told to shut up and sing! She was told she was irrelevant and she was blasted and called, “stunning and brave”, for telling people to fuck off only after they’ve made her rich. If any of these people were paying attention the fans that made her rich stand by her right to be loud and outspoken about her beliefs. Especially since her fanbase is heavily female/LGBTQIA+, speaking out on child bearing issues won’t make her lose fans.

Irrelevant is pop, it’s rock, it’s catchy and it’s angry. The song hits back at the haters and the hypocrites. The song hit on the fact that the kids aren’t alright, that we aren’t alright, that everyone is tired yet no one sleeps. She culminates the song by chanting, “Girls just want to have rights, why do we still have to fight?”

P!nk will never backdown. This song is an anthem for the fight yet to come, for all the hard work that needs to be put in and the fight for everyone to be equal in their rights.

Give it a spin on your favorite streaming platform.

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